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The pilates method encompasses three core areas of pain, pathology and function. Each Pilates movement has been analysed based on these three core areas.

Pain is a chemical and as such alters the way certain muscles move and therefore can dictate the way these muscles need to be rehabilitated through the Pilates .

Pathology is the term used to describe an injury and this has been analysed to dictate what movements will help a set pathology, and what movement might make a certain pathology worse.

Finally Function. Function is the term used to describe how we do our everyday tasks. Pilates is much more than just a way of toning a person physique, but is a research based, clinical application of improving the way a person moves and functions in their everyday life.

The Pilates method has now been applied in areas as diverse as physiotherapy injury, rehabilitation, paediatric rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, elite sports rehabilitation, elderly care, womens health and much more.

Pilates classes or one to one sessions are available.

For more details contact Britta at Aromaflex


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