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About Infant Massage Instruction Course

Infant Massage Instruction course can be learned by anyone interested in sharing this method with their baby. It is based on a five week program of one and a half hour per week session of a small group of up to 6 parents/carers and their babies.

The demonstration on a doll by the tutor makes sure that every parent gets to learn a hands - on treatment with their baby at the class, if the babies permission is given. A Certicate of Attendance is given on completion of the course.

The principle is based on Vimala Schneider McClure's teaching method who established the International Association of Infant Massage - as explained in the information section of this website.

Britta is a certified Infant Massage Instructor and trained under Sylvie Hetu in Queens University, Belfast in 1999.
She set up local classes in Mullingar for the Parents and Carer's with their babies to experience this peace and loving bond.

There is research data available on the benefits of baby massage e.g. premature infants obtained from the Touch Research Institute of Miami. Britta is willing to give talks and demonstations to Parents /Carers in private or group settings There are Infant Massage Instruction courses availalable on request from Aromaflex.

Infant Massage Instruction to Parents or Carers

Britta teaches private classes and small groups at Aromaflex

A course of 5 classes held weekly over five weeks costs €25 per class

These 5 week courses are registered with all Health Insurance Providers, eg: VHI, Laya Health and Hibernian returning €100 per 5 week course if parent is a member.

Class Structure:

Does baby want massage? Will show you in their way if they want it or not. If not they may be nursed for a while and you can observe the class, after a while they may be ready to be massaged.

Formula is based on "simply loving your child".

The "Strokes" Massage Techniques are divided into five sections:

Each are taught over 5 weeks and a summary is done at the end of each class teaching the new stroke and a brief summary of the last stroke learnt. The fifth week gives the whole massage and the massage teaching is learnt.

The class ends with a cup of tea and discussion group about topics that interest the group. This time to support each other in the class between parents creates a lovely relaxed setting for parents to share with one another after massaging their babies. The facilitation Course Tutor listens and guides the class to talk to each other.

Parents can still talk and maybe form friendships to meet each other for more support or that "cup of tea".

Some comments from the Parents after the course;

"It made us feel that it is our time together - just the two of us."
"The relaxed atmosphere is just brill!" - Athlone.

"The best thing about the course is massaging my child and bonding and being able to relax" - Mullingar

"Quality time together and making the time to relax for mother and baby" - Westmeath

"Excellent course - It has helped me give relief to my three children who suffer from Asthma" - Castlepollard

"I liked everything about this course - it helped with his colic pains" - Longford

For more details contact Britta at Aromaflex

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