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Information - Callanetics

What is Callanetics?

Callanetics is a gentle form of exercise involving complete muscle tightening and inch loss in a relaxing atmosphere to therapeutic music with emphasis on breathing, posture, and balance. It is a slow paced exercise effective for deep muscle toning and meditation. It lasts one hour and pupils are encouraged to do some of the exercises at home.

Why exercise with a slow movement?

Our basic need is to move. The body is built for use, without it the muscles get slack and weak. An unfit body is only 27% efficient in energy output compared to 56% with regular exercise.

We are all made aware of increased exercise reducing heart disease.

Other benefits of regular exercise include:
Co-ordination and reflex responses improve and stress is reduced thus helping to strengthen the nervous system.

Heart: Lungs:
Blood volume per beat increases Capacity increases
Coronary circulation increases Circulation increases
Pulse rate decreases Efficiency increases
Pulse recovery rate decreases

Muscles: Bones & Ligaments:
Circulation increases Strength increases
Size, strength and endurance increase Joint tissues strengthen
Oxygen debt capacity increases

Body fats decrease
Blood Sugars decrease

Britta Stewart Dolan MIRI MIPTI MAR
Diploma in Callanetics

For more details contact Britta at Aromaflex

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