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Aromaflex - Holistic Ways to good health

Holistic Healing considers that each individual is unique and represents a complex interaction of body, mind and spirit.

Illness is best understood as a disturbance within the dynamic balance of these relationships. Health returns when these elements function in harmony

Home Service

Within 15 miles radius of Mullingar - 10 euro added to cost of above treatment home service is restricted to those clients unable to travel or other special needs.

Price List of Treatments

Reflexology (Hand or Foot or Ear) €50
1 hour
Aromatherapy €55 1 hour
Aromatherapy €65 1 hour & 15 mins
Indian Head Massage €45 3/4 hour
Baby Massage €25 1 hour

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching Consultation

€65 1 hour & 15 mins
Pilates Classes €60 Course of 6 weeks

Special Offer

Course of 6 Reflexology / Aromatherapy treatments PRE PAID

Registered with VHI, Laya & Aviva

Gift vouchers available by email for more details contact Britta

Opening Hours

Aromaflex Clinic , Mullingar.
9 - 5 pm Monday to Friday
by appointment only.

If you wish to cancel an appointment please give 24 hours notice, otherwise a fee will be charged.

Britta Stewart Dolan

Member of National Register of Reflexologists Ireland
Certified Infant Massage Instructor
Member of International Association of Infant Massage UK

Britta Stewart Dolan is a practitioner of holistic healing.

1988 - studied healing therapies at
'Au Forum du Movement' in Paris, France.

1990 -91 qualified with a Diploma in Aromatherapy and Reflexology and Holistic Health, at Mullingar, Ireland.

1993 studied Hand Reflexology
with Chris Walker, Belfast.

1994 opened her Holistic Healing Clinic,
at Mullingar's Enterprise Centre.

1995 -Advanced Reflexology with the
International Institute of Reflexology, - The Ingham Method, Dublin.

1996 Qualified with Practitioners Diploma from
The Irish Bayly School of Reflexology, Ireland.

1999 Certificate in Basic (VRT) Vertical Reflex Therapy

2000 received Certificate in Advanced VRT

In 2001, Appointed Tutor in Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT) by Lynne Booth - the discoverer of The Booth Method.

Infant Massage Instructor 1999.

Indian Head Massage Practitioner in 2001.

1995 - 1998 regional network co-ordinator

1998 national network co-ordinator for the
Irish Reflexologist's Institute .

1998 Represented the IRI at the
3rd European Conference of Reflexology, Tampere, Finland.

2000 became a research co-ordinator for the
Irish Reflexologists Institute.

2000 Britta on behalf of Aromaflex received a regional young business woman of the year award.

In 2001 She was invited to represent Ireland on the RiEN Board as a General Assistant.

Represented RiEN at the (ICR) International Council of Reflexologists' World Conference in Rome Sept.2001.

Britta became a member of the ICR in 2001.

2001 Set up the Irish Research Board in 2001, currently Chairing this Board

2001 Leila Eriksen nominated Britta for the position of Research Co-ordinator with RiEN Research Group.

2003 Presented Talk on Reflexology Research at RAC Conference in Winnepeg, Canada

2003 Reflexology Research Group at Italys' Organisation(Firp) RiEN Conference in Riccione, Italy

2003 Member of National Register of Reflexologists Ireland

2005 Set up Aromaflex Universal Reflexology Academy (A.U.R.A)

2005 Qualified with First Class Honors with Certificate in Teacher Training and Continued Education at National University of Ireland.

2005 Accredited A.U.R.A. with NRRI (National Register of Reflexologists Ireland)

2005 ICR Reflexology Research Group at Amsterdam ICR Conference

2006 A.U.R.A. expands into Refresher and CPD (Continued Professional Development) Courses held nationally

2006 Ear Reflexology Course with Hedwige Dirkx Bristol, U.K.

2006 Presented VRT Workshop at Limerick , Ireland for IRI Organisation Conference for RiEN

2007 Head of Reflexology Research Forum for NRRI

2007 Aromaflex/ A.U.R.A Received Regional Finalist Award in County Enterprise Board Awards.

In 2007 She continues her research and Heads NRRI Reflexology Research Forum & published her survey on ‘Doing Research’

In 2008 She presented Research and VRT Workshops at
NRRI 1st Symposium  - Mullingar.


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